Canada is a large and welcoming country. Current federal government plans call for Canada to accept 350,000 immigrants a year by 2021.


Canada has some of the best educational institutions in the world and every year they welcome thousands of international students.


Every year Canada welcomes millions of international visitors. People come from around the world for vacations, to see family or to do business.


Canada has a robust and highly developed economy. Canadian employers are constantly looking for skilled and talented workers.

Why choose BridgeIS?

With BridgeIS your immigration journey will be clearly mapped and understood. Our goal is to ensure your successful settlement and integration in your new, Canadian community.

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How we help

Skills Assessment

Bridge Immigrant Services will assess your skills and qualifications against Canadian employment or education requirements.

Long-Term Goals

Bridge Immigrant Services can Review your selected study program against your long-term immigration goals.


Bridge Immigrant Services will identify the communities that will provide the best employment, education and lifestyle options for you.


Bridge Immigrant Services can provide advice on how you should immigrate, and answers to any questions you may have.

Immigration Documents

Bridge Immigrant Services can help prepare your immigration documents, helping to ensure that all your application information is accurate.

All BridgeIS services are available online with real-time video or telephone support in more than 15 languages.